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This page is dedicated to property owner's who have questions relative to the continued validity of an issued Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or Letter of Map Revision (LOMR). In the table below, one may find by community the status of an existing LOMA or LOMR as determined by FEMA. 

Topic Doc. Ver. Last Updated
Allegany County (unincorporated areas) 9/1/2015 4/21/2016
City of Cumberland 8/31/2015 4/21/2016
City of Frostburg 8/31/2015 4/21/2016
Town of Westernport 8/31/2015 4/21/2016

What is FEMA's Process for Revalidating Existing LOMAs and LOMRs?
To revalidate map changes, FEMA conducts a detailed comparison of the BFEs shown on FEMA's new FIRM and the lowest adjacent grade or lowest lot elevation of previously issued map changes.  Those structures or properties that are above the BFE or are located in areas of the community that are not affected by updated flood hazard information are revalidated through a formal determination letter that is issued to the community's Chief Executive Officer when the new FIRM becomes effective.  The revalidation letter is also mailed to each community's map repository to be kept on file and is available for public reference.  Map changes that have been issued for multiple lots or structures where the determination for one or more of the lots or structures have changed cannot be automatically revalidated through the administrative process described above.  To request that FEMA review such map changes (i.e., those that are not included in the revalidation letter), please submit the following to FEMA:

·         A letter requesting the re-issuance (provide the case number of the LOMA to be reissued);  and

·         A copy of the LOMA to be reissued, if available. FEMA will review the case file and issue a new letter reflecting its new determination.


Source: Information hereon provided from document entitled Flood Hazard Mapping Fact Sheet (FEMA), dated April 14, 2011 


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